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Executive Search with a BIG Difference…

GrassGreener Group knows the true cost of a bad hire…

GrassGreener Group have spent years perfecting the craft of recruitment. Through the combination of science and technology they have identified the cost to employers of getting hiring wrong. So much so that they have created a Recruitment Process Management system that is unique in the market place – called i-intro® – that identifies and assesses the right talent for t he right role. This is not technology without the human touch but it’s both High-Tech and High-Touch.

As a franchisee within GrassGreener Group you will operate as a Management Consultant specialising in Talent Acquisition to your chosen sector. To support your business development activities their i-intro® platform is supported by a Recruitment Process Audit™ “Bad Hire” Calculator – a clever algorithm to show employers the cost of their current process.

Employers that engage with GrassGreener and their innovative selection process are proven to increase new employee retention, save time & money and deliver more predictable hiring outcomes.

What is i-intro®?

  • i-intro® is the worlds first online candidate delivery platform, designed to specifically digitise our tried and tested recruitment process.
  • i-intro® allows hiring managers to access candidate shortlists, prepared by us, anytime, anywhere from any web enabled device.
  • i-intro® means that you and your colleagues can now review multiple candidate videos, résumé, behavioural profiles and supporting documentation in real time.
  • i-intro® offers you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with us and your colleagues in one convenient place.

What i-intro® Gives Employers

96% of the candidates placed using i-intro® are still in position 12 months later, and 93% after 24 months.

Increased accuracy of hire using scientific, visual and competency based assessments

We create a scenario to only spend time with those candidates that truly match your requirements.

It’s not about the people we send to you, it’s about the ones we don’t send to you”

Your Skills

It is often said that good recruiters are made, not born. That’s what we believe in.

We are looking for open minded individuals who believe that they can offer value to clients and candidates in their search to hire a great employee or direction for their next career move. We can train you on all the aspects of delivering a high quality search process but we can’t give you the 10+ years of business and life experience that you have to offer. Our methodology and technology that we employ in our business makes us sector agnostic – we have the ability to work around your sector skills and develop you into a world class recruitment business owner with a multi-million pound business.

Most people have experienced recruitment as a client or a candidate, or indeed both. Could you provide a better service than the one that you received? If, as we expect, the answer is yes let’s get together and share with you our vision on how we are transforming the world of recruitment – step by step.

If you are, or have been, a recruiter we can work with you too, but it does require an open mind to transition from the past to a more focused future.

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Your Tasks

It’s your business to own and run and any business that doesn’t have sales at its forefront will ultimately fail. Sales without value add service though is disingenuous and so the service you will offer will add a demonstrable level of value to your client’s recruitment process.

So, sales and marketing are key to success in Executive Search and your main task is to open up new accounts for your business to service. You may start out alone and so in time you will build a support team to deliver the services that you offer. In the early days this will mean that you are what is known as a 360° consultant as you will be covering all of the bases. In time you’ll focus on your core strengths and build a team around you allowing you to build your business unencumbered by day to day recruitment activities.

Strengths Of The GrassGreener System

  • Established for over 12 years
  • Currently operational in the UK and Europe
  • Proven methodology combined with leading edge technology
  • Team of experienced recruitment professionals and franchisors

GrassGreener engagement, search and delivery process explained…

Investing In Your Future

It’s a cliche but nonetheless the truth.

Franchising is about being in business for yourself, not by yourself.

You could open a recruitment business tomorrow – there are no regulations in this industry. Consider though that over 5,000 new recruiters open each year and nearly just as many fail.

Why chance it, invest in yourself and invest in a proven system – GrassGreener Group.

Our initial fee for an exclusive franchise licence is £30k and you’ll need a similar amount of working capital to keep you afloat in the early days.

Our average recruitment fees are in excess of £15,000 per contract and with just 20 contracts per year your gross income will exceed £300k. There are numerous million young consultants in our industry and we hope that you will take the first step to being the next.

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